Why Does The Past Always Win?

The original TOTAL RECALL is now looked upon as a classic.

The 1992 Dream Team was better than the 2012 version. The Magnificent Seven was better than the Fab Five.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why so much music has gotten so slow and dreamy. I liked music when it rocked and we kind of pretended we were bored with it. Now, we pretend it rocks when it’s actually dull.

I’ve been yearning for a time when music made me dance, when everything wasn’t compared to something allegedly better in the past. Why? Because this past WASN’T better.

TOTAL RECALL was not a classic. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has yet to be nominated for an Oscar.

The 2012 Dream Team might have beaten the 1992 version. Basketball outside the US is way better than it was 20 years ago. The Fab Five might have beaten the Magnificent Seven had the Mag Seven been forced to choose their Fab Five.

As for music, I guess I’m too tired to dance anyway.

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