Progress = Asians as the New Cold War Russians

Not another post about Asians in Hollywood, Leland! This is what I was telling myself while I was watching The Bourne Legacy (a terrible film), while its screenwriters introduced a randomly plopped Asian Baddie (Mr. “Treadstone without the inconsistency” or Mr. Minimized Empathy or Mr. No-Spoken-Words-in-the-Script). Of course, the new Bourne movie had been preceded by the trailer to the promising Red Dawn reboot (if promising means that it promises to be shit-tastic), which also features an evil North Korean takeover.

So naturally, I thought, what the heck? Why not point out that Red Dawn is what progress looks like? Nine white kids fighting to defend precious high school football from the weaponized Kim Jong Joes. Why not point out that (spoiler alert) Bourne randomly steals a gold watch from someone because, as we find out later, he’ll need something sparkly to barter with when he needs medical help from those opportunistic, indigeneous Filipinos.

I guess that’s what progress is. Progress is passing this slop off as Random.

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