My story “Funeral by the Arcade” from LETTERS FROM DINOSAURS up at AAWW’s The Margins

In video games, the fear of the sudden propels you forward. Not so in life.


“Funeral by the Arcade”
by Leland Cheuk

“Eddie Wu and I weren’t close. I was just his English tutor. When his granddaughter informed me he’d been killed by a hit-and-run driver, I was sad and shocked, of course, but in an unsettled and detached manner—like one might react to news of the passing of a distant friend on Facebook. To my surprise, I was invited to the funeral in Monterey Park, where Eddie lived, my hometown.

On the morning of, I froze at the sight of my black suit hanging from a towel rod like a headless torso. My air passages narrowed.

I didn’t want to go.”

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