In @hyphenmagazine – an excerpt of BAD ASIAN #novel #comedy #writingcommunity

“Leland Cheuk’s new novel, NO GOOD VERY BAD ASIAN, introduces readers to an unforgettable protagonist — a Chinese American man who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, struggling to balance his desire for a different kind of life with his familial responsibilities. Cheuk’s use of humor will make readers laugh, flinch and occasionally even cringe at hard and uncomfortable truths, while also thinking deeply about the weight of family obligations and inheritance.






In fourth grade, I noticed that I only found white girls attractive. I used to watch every last rerun of My Two Dads because I wanted to marry a girl like Nicole. Something was wrong with me. My class was almost two-thirds Chinese by then, and I didn’t think about any of the Chinese girls in the same way I thought about the white ones.”

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