Talked with author @bentanzer about BAD ASIAN on This Podcast Will Change Your Life – check it out! #writingcommunity #novel #comedy

“Quite This Podcast Will Change Your Life I am. Not to mention the Leland Cheuk, 7.13 Books, publishing, and selling books, but not bemoaning either, as well as hustles, reviews and luck, being alive, community, and not being so alone, The Adventures of Augie March, and the Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, identity, and stereotypes, No Good Very Bad Asian, embracing change, reading, writing, fan letters, inspiration, stand-up comedy, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, and cancel culture, and name-dropping, so much name dropping, including, but not limited to Tobias Carroll, Leesa Cross-Smith, Joe Peterson, Sara Lippmann, and so much more. So, please do This Podcast Will Change Your Life, because it will most certainly do that.”

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An excerpt of BAD ASIAN #novel up at @entropymag #writingcommunity

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine becoming a successful anything, let alone a comedian. I fully expected to be a huge disappointment.

Life’s first disappointment was my name. My real name isn’t Sirius. My Chinese name is pronounced “whore.” Hor Luk Lee.

I was born in America.

Your grandparents saw Sixteen Candles. They were quite familiar with Long Duk Dong.

They named me Hor anyway.”

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Talked with Ken Jones of the “Between the Covers” #book #podcast @kboo about BAD ASIAN #novel and #comedy #writingcommunity

“No Good Very Bad Asian is Leland’s third work of fiction, following his novel The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, and a collection of short stories, Letters from Dinosaurs. His writing has appeared in Salon, Catapult, Joyland MagazineLiterary Hub, Kenyon Review, and Prairie Schooner. He’s been awarded fellowships at The MacDowell Colony, Hawthornden Castle, and Djerassi. Leland also runs the indie press 7.13 Books, which publishes debut literary fiction, and teaches at the Sarah Lawrence College Writing Institute.

In the words of writer Ed Lin: ‘Leland Cheuk’s No Good Very Bad Asian tears the tarp from the Asian American experience and exposes its deepest desires and fears. It articulates perfectly the amusements that make the entire room uncomfortable. Cringing never felt so good.'”

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BAD ASIAN in the November 2019 #bookpreview @vol1brooklyn with new ones from Carmen Maria Machado, Kevin Wilson, and Tommy Pico #writingcommunity

“Well, it’s November, and the days are growing shorter and shorter. (Assuming you’re in the northern hemisphere, at least.) We’d say that this group of books are an array of doorstoppers, suitable for curling up by the fire, but that’s not entirely true; most of these books are quite trim, in fact. They do represent a wide array of styles, however: from comic novels to incisive cultural studies; from surreal fiction in translation to candid usage of the essay form. Here are a few of the November books we’re most excited about.”

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