@sfchronicle and @beeecyu profiles NO GOOD VERY BAD ASIAN, calls it a “bold satirical mirror” #writingcommunity #novel #comedy

“…the book serves as a bold satirical mirror of the deepest, ugliest, but partially true feelings and thoughts of Asian Americans.”


“The core of Leland Cheuk’s upcoming novel was there from the start: a book about an Asian American comic. But the true heart of “No Good Very Bad Asian,” the protagonist’s constant grappling with his racial identity as he looks back on the staggering highs and steep lows of his career as a successful comedian, didn’t come until Cheuk himself took the stage — as research for the book.”

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@bookandfilmglobe and @ferrifrigida review NO GOOD VERY BAD ASIAN #bookreview #writingcommunity #novel #comedy

“The novel picks delicately at knotty ideas and contradictions about life as an Asian in America…Cheuk’s confident style and skilled toggling between moods make the book a terrific read.

“Leland Cheuk’s second novel, No Good Very Bad Asian, bears a freshness that the majority of novels simply can’t conjure. It’s a rare book, sprouting fanciful ideas from a realistic emotional foundation. It covers racism, family, belonging, and the meaning of a life well lived while posing as a celebrity rise-and-fall novel.”

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“Q: How did you come up with the idea for No Good Very Bad Asian and for your character Sirius Lee?

A: I started the book in 2010. Back then standup comedy was breaking into the zeitgeist with popular podcasts like WTF with Marc Maron and The Nerdist and on TV with Louie and others. I’ve always been a bit of comedy geek so I thought why not write a comedy about comedy. I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Q: How much did you base the novel’s action on your own experiences doing stand-up comedy?”

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Enjoyed talking to @asianbooksblog and author @ChiewElaine about NO GOOD VERY BAD ASIAN #novel #comedy #writingcommunity

Reading a book that hits hard but also keeps you rolling around in laughter is, to quote Seneca, a res severa est verum gaudium, a “serious joy.”

“Reading a book that hits hard but also keeps you rolling around in laughter is, to quote Seneca, a res severa est verum gaudium, a “serious joy.” I’m delighted to host Leland Cheuk in the Contemporary Voices column. He’s funny in his interview, just as he is in his book, and (writing a funny book is no easy peasy lemon squeezy, lemme tell you)…damn, he’s just naturally funny!”

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