PONG on The Rumpus list of books re: corrupt families like #trump with Attenberg, Franzen, Bender, Diaz…and the Bible

“This week, America got a glimpse at the depths of the Trump family’s depravity. In summary: Donald Trump Jr. tried to collude with the Russians, failed, and then failed to cover his tracks. His father (our president) tweeted that it’s “the greatest Witch Hunt [sic] in political history.” Meanwhile, Ivanka has her own problems to contend with but is headed out of town with her husband, and sister Tiffany is living it up abroad.

It’s all so laughably awful, but for the fact that, you know, the actual fate of our Republic is at risk. As we wait for this latest crisis-slash-scandal to shake out, here is a list of great books about terrible families.”

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