Today I’m dropping a book trailer from my brother Larry Cheuk, who is a talented filmmaker in his own right. This was a labor of love for him and a product of tremendous generosity and vision. This trailer took four months and contains footage from eleven cities, and the more often you watch it, the more layers you’ll see. Many images he happened to pull (without my input) looked exactly like what I was envision in my head while writing the novel. Clearly, there was some brotherly telepathy going on. I love that guy so much.

Also gratitude must be given to:

Jason Lai (as Sully Pong)
Sarah Skotvold (as the reporter Dora Tollworth)
Nanci Andrade (as the woman in the women’s restroom where Sully has stumbled into in a rage)
Kit-Yi Wong (as the voice of Sully Pong’s mother)
John Girot (as Saul Pong, Sully’s father)
Ngoc Le (as the hand of Sully Pong’s mother)

You can watch the trailer here.