A terrific early review of PONG on Goodreads

I won’t be posting every reader review of my novel but this one from Goodreads was particularly thoughtful and well-written (and full of praise, of course), so I can’t resist:

“This is Leland Cheuk’s first novel, which really blew my mind while I was reading because it was very sophisticated for a first effort. The book was pretty dense but not in a bad way. There was no filler text. Everything was crucial to the progress of the story. Every sentence gave you insight into the world the characters were living in. No words were wasted or thrown away. The story was sad, hilarious, touching, rage-inducing, anxiety-ridden; in short it was just like real life if real life were composed of a series of unbelievably bad luck and unintended consequences. I loved the story but the characters were the real star. The Pongs were brilliant. I deeply identified with Sulliver and his relationship with an overbearing parent. On one hand I felt sorry for him but on the other hand I felt anger at his inability to keep his father from forcing him to (unwittingly) participate in his schemes. Even Sulliver’s scheming, sleazy father is a complicated character who you end up feeling pity for, despite the fact that his underhandedness is the reason for Sulliver’s misfortune. Everything about the book was fantastic. Really well done.”

Reviews like this are basically the reason that I write at all.